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Table 1 Performance of different representations of siRNA sequences

From: An accurate and interpretable model for siRNA efficacy prediction

Representation Correlation
Sparse-19 0.62
Spectrum-19 0.64
Composite-19/19 0.64
Sparse-21 0.65
Spectrum-21 0.58
Composite-21/21 0.67
Composite-21/19 0.67
Free energy profile 0.54
Stability profile 0.53
BIOPREDsi [33] 0.66
  1. This table shows the Pearson correlation coefficients between the predicted and true efficacy on the test set for linear models estimated on the training set with the LASSO procedure and different representations of siRNA sequences. The representation Composite-xx/yy corresponds to the combination of the Sparse-xx and Spectral-yy representations. Additionally the performance of the BIOPREDsi neural network [33] is included for comparison.