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Figure 5

From: The Virtual Insect Brain protocol: creating and comparing standardized neuroanatomy

Figure 5

Comparison of standardized expression patterns. Projection view on standardized expression patterns (ok107/201y/mb247). Gal4 lines were crossed to UAS-EGFP2 for visualization, scanned with a Leica-SP1 confocal microscope (8-bit tifs) and standardized using VIBdiffusionTransformation(DT). On the left the standardized expression patterns are visualized in grey values (Nok107 = 17, N201y/mb247 = 15). On the right the same images are superimposed and color coded (ok107 red, 201y green, mb247 blue). In structures common to all three expression patterns colors add up to white (e.g. γ-lobes of the mushroom body Gal4-positiv in all lines displayed (white), α'/(β') and medial bundle Gal4-positive in ok107 only (red), besides strong Gal4 expression in the pars intercerebralis (PI) in ok107 some cell bodies are Gal4-positive as well in 201y (green)), Scale bar 100 μm

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