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Table 1 The ten most common topics from a trained LDA model

From: Identifying biological concepts from a protein-related corpus with a probabilistic topic model

Topic # Topic words
51 receptor coupl ligand agonist subtype pharmacolog antagonist orphan adrenerg desensit
156 kinas phosphoryl serin threonin pkc autophosphoryl casein akt catalyt ste20
136 cerevisia saccharomyc strain yeast plasmid multicopi lacz floccul auxotroph gal1
67 Famili member belong multigen subfamily mrg Dalton cabp28k heterogen transmembran
154 patient syndrom diseas disord autosom inherit recess ref caus clinic
124 cdna librari clone probe screen isol lambda obtain oligonucleotid gtl1
37 neuron axon migrat motor glial spinal cord neurit dendrite outgrowth
229 mutant defect doubl phenotyp fail rescu restor impair pleiotrop unable
112 exon intron genom kb flank region span upstream bp start
172 nuclear nucleu export cytoplasm nuclei pore ran hnrnp envelop import