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Figure 2

From: BIPAD: A web server for modeling bipartite sequence elements

Figure 2

A gallery of sequence logos. For bipartite logos, the companion gap histogram is shown on the right. (A) FTZ-F1α monomer binding site; (B) CAR/RXRα PBREM sites; the right-half motif starts at position 4 and positions 0–3 correspond to the central gap between the half-sites; (C) HNF4α homodimer binding sites; the right-half motif starts at position 1, with the variable length gap placed at position 0; (D) MRS bipartite binding sites; the second half-site motif begins at position 1; the variable length gap denoted by the distribution corresponds to position 0 of the logo. Corresponding Bipad text file output for these models can be viewed at [1].

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