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Table 1 Novel putative motifs found by GONOME. GONOME was used to find over-represented GO terms associated with each possible n-mer (for n from 5 to 11) in the S. Cerevisiae genome, here are some of the significant motifs not reported elsewhere. (Motifs are expressed in IUPAC extended DNA alphabet: K is G or T; V is G, C or A; B is G or T or C; S is G or C; M is A or C)

From: GONOME: measuring correlations between GO terms and genomic positions

Motif GO Term GONOME E-value Transcription Factors
CCCCTAAAA vitamin metabolism 2.5e-7 ADR1, NRG1
GCCCTAA rRNA modification 1.1e-5 NRG1
TCCGCGG Response to drug 8.7e-11 SUT1, STB5
GGVBCCSG Translation 3.3e-30 -
CACGTGA Sulfur amino acid metabolism 6.5e-10 CBF1
GKKGSMAAA Protein catabolism 1.0e-10  
TGGCAAA Protein catabolism 7.0e-4 -