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Table 2 20 most frequently selected genes of Hepatocellular Carcinoma data selected by GLGS

From: Gene selection algorithms for microarray data based on least squares support vector machine

Gene no. Freq. of selection Description
AB000409 128 Human mRNA for MNK1
L11695 109 Human activin receptor-like kinase (ALK-5) mRNA
X15341 105 Human COX VIa-L mRNA for cytochrome c oxidase liver-specific subunit VIa (EC
U79294 105 Human clone 23748 mRNA
Y10032 103 H.sapiens mRNA for putative serine/threonine protein kinase
L76927 103 Human galactokinase (GALK1) gene
D28915 80 Human gene for hepatitis C-associated microtubular aggregate protein p44
L08895 79 Homo sapiens MADS/MEF2-family transcription factor (MEF2C) mRNA
M64925 75 Human palmitoylated erythrocyte membrane protein (MPP1) mRNA
X75042 73 H.sapiens rel proto-oncogene mRNA
X58377 72 Human mRNa for adipogenesis inhibitory factor
M59465 70 Human tumor necrosis factor alpha inducible protein A20 mRNA
X15422 68 Human mRNA for mannose-binding protein C
D78335 66 Human mRNA for 5 -terminal region of UMK
U26710 64 Human cbl-b mRNA
L36033 64 Human pre-B cell stimulating factor homologue (SDF1b) mRNA
HG4063-HT4333 61 Transcription Factor Hbf-2
D90086 60 Human pyruvate dehydrogenase (EC beta subunit gene, exons 10-Jan
U03105 59 Human B4-2 protein mRNA
L22343 58 Human nuclear phosphoprotein mRNA