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Table 1 The most enhanced gene ontology terms in patterns 13 and 15. Each term is presented together with a measure of how overrepresented it is compared to a random draw of the same number of genes. These were also confirmed to be significant by hypergeometric tests.

From: Determination of strongly overlapping signaling activity from microarray data

Pattern 13 Pattern 15
Pheromone response, mating-type determination 6.31 Transposable elements, viral and plasmid 8.42
development 6.09 Pheromone response, mating-type determination 7.26
Fungal/microorganism development 6.09 Transmembrane signal transduction 6.41
Mating (fertilization) 6.09 G-protein mediated signal transduction 6.10
Transmembrane signal transduction 4.98 development 5.69
Chemoperception and response 4.47 Fungal/microorganism development 5.69
Cellular sensing and response 4.25 Mating (fertilization) 5.69
Interaction with cellular environment 2.94 Chemoperception and response 5.47
Meiosis 2.86 Cellular sensing and response 5.21
Cell growth/morphogenesis 2.77 Cellular communications 4.45
Cellular communications 2.77 Enzyme mediated signal transduction 3.81
Development of asco- basidio- or zygospore 2.57 Interaction with cellular environment 3.61
Enzyme mediated signal transduction 2.37 Enzyme activator 3.56
Protein kinase cascades 2.37 Intracellular signaling 3.14
G protein mediated signal transduction 2.37 Budding, cell polarity, filamentation 2.87