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Figure 5

From: A classification-based framework for predicting and analyzing gene regulatory response

Figure 5

Group target gene analysis. The figure shows the regulatory motifs and parents that are predictive of the expression of the heat shock proteins in the simultaneous heat and osmolarity shock experiments. The bottom right rectangle represents the discretized expression of the targets in the experiments under study. Red represents +1 (up regulation). Green represents -1 (down regulation). Black represents 0 (baseline). The top right rectangle shows the expression of the predictive parents. The parents are ordered from top to bottom in decreasing order of frequency score (number of examples that pass through nodes containing the parent). The bottom left illustration represents the upstream regulatory promoter regions of the target genes. The motifs are arranged in decreasing order of frequency score from left to right. A reduced section of the subtree with the top 3 predictive features is also shown. The intensity of the nodes (in gray scale) reflect the frequency scores. Darker nodes have higher frequency scores.

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