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Table 1 Shown are the top six ranked hexamers (by E-value) extracted for the upstream intron the in between exon and the following downstream exon. The first column in the upper part shows the most important hexamers in the intron for the region -70 nt to -40 nt relative to the end of the intron. The lower part states 6-mers contained -30 nt until the end of the upstream intron. Similarly the second column displays hexamers in the exon from +30 nt to +70 nt (upper half, relative to exon start) and -30 nt to - 90 nt (lower part, relative to exon end) and the last column 6-mers in the downstream intron from 0 nt to +70 nt.

From: Learning Interpretable SVMs for Biological Sequence Classification

Upstr. Intron Exon Downstr. Intron
6-mer E-val. 6-mer E-val. 6-mer E-val.
CTAACC 1.2e-17 AGTGAG 4.2e-11 TGTGTG 5.9e-31
CCCCCC 3.8e-11 TTTTTT 2.7e-09 TTGTGT 1.7e-24
TAACCC 9.8e-10 ATATAT 1.3e-08 GTGTGT 3.6e-16
CACTTT 6.2e-09 TATATA 3.6e-07 GTTGTG 4.4e-15
ATCCCC 1.6e-07 ATAGGT 4.8e-07 TGTTGT 3.3e-14
CTTTCC 2.4e-07 TAGGTT 5.0e-07 TGCATG 1.3e-13
CATTCT 1.3e-09 TTTAAA 1.8e-12   
CTCTCT 1.9e-09 AATTTT 2.2e-10   
GCATGT 4.4e-09 ATTTTA 2.9e-09   
GTTGTC 4.4e-09 CAGCAG 1.2e-08   
TCTCTA 2.2e-08 TAATTT 8.3e-08   
CTCTAT 1.1e-07 TTCCCC 2.1e-07