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Table 1 Comparison of RFE, RFE-Annealing and SQRT-RFE algorithms in terms of time

From: Improving the Performance of SVM-RFE to Select Genes in Microarray Data

Data Number of samples RFE RFE-Annealing SQRT-RFE
St.Jude 246 58 hours 26 minutes 60 minutes
Bhattacharjee 203 27 hours 20 minutes 38 minutes
Alon 62 6.3 minutes 0.5 minute 1 minute
  1. This table clearly demonstrates the computational efficiency of RFE-Annealing over SQRT-RFE and especially RFE. When data sets with a large number of samples and a large number of genes (e.g. SJCRH and Bhattacharjee) are used the difference is substantial.