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Table 4 Representation of express in PASBio 1.0. The first three lines give the argument structure. The last three lines give the three examples that violate the θ-criterion: underlined phrases are mapped to Arg3.

From: A critical review of PASBio's argument structures for biomedical verbs

Arg mnemonic
Arg1 named entity being expressed (gene or gene products)
Arg2 property of the existing named entity
Arg3 location referring to organelle, cell or tissue
Example number Example text
PNAS 2 T cells from double TCR transgenic mice express only one or the other of the two available TCRs at the cell surface.
PNAS 4 In such cells, two in-frame α transcripts are produced, but only one is expressed at the cell surface.
PNAS 5 T cells in mice carrying transgenes encoding TCR α and β proteins predominantly express the transgene-encoded TRC proteins at the cell surface.