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Table 2 Repartition of the data elements under UMLS semantic types

From: Mapping data elements to terminological resources for integrating biomedical data sources

Number of mapped concepts Semantic type Example of data element Example of proposed concepts
37 Intellectual Product Gene Name Names (C0027365)
34 Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component biological process Biological process (C1184743)
26 Functional Concept Genomic context Context (C0542559)
25 Qualitative Concept Mutation type Type (C0332307)
19 Spatial Concept site of expression Site (C0205145)
17 Neoplastic Process malignant neoplasms malignant neoplasms (C0006826)
17 Quantitative Concept sensitivity Statistical sensitivity (C0036667)
16 Pharmacologic Substance Drug similarity Drugs (C0013227)
14 Body System immune system immune system (C0020962)
14 Disease or Syndrome disorders & mutations Disease (C0012634)