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Table 2 Biological functions identified by GO term enrichment as uniquely affected by RDX in different treatments.

From: Comparison of transcriptional responses in liver tissue and primary hepatocyte cell cultures after exposure to hexahydro-1, 3, 5-trinitro-1, 3, 5-triazine

Liver 24 hr after exposure EASE score 24 hr exposure of primary hepatocyte cells EASE score 48 hr exposure of primary hepatocyte cells EASE score
metabolism 9.00E-04 pathogenesis 2.30E-03 physiological process 3.75E-02
lipid metabolism 9.00E-04 lipid transport 1.78E-02 perception of abiotic stimulus 4.14E-02
fatty acid metabolism 5.50E-03 amino acid metabolism 2.77E-02 protein metabolism 4.27E-02
carboxylic acid metabolism 5.60E-03 energy derivation by oxidation of organic compounds 3.22E-02   
glutathione conjugation reaction 7.00E-03 cholesterol metabolism 3.33E-02   
ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolism 1.32E-02 amino acid and derivative metabolism 3.36E-02   
lipid biosynthesis 1.88E-02 RNA processing 3.90E-02   
sodium ion transport 3.47E-02     
blood pressure 4.00E-02     
  1. Data sets were comprised of significantly changed genes as identified by ANOVA in all doses within a tissue or cell exposure time. An enrichment of terms was considered significant when EASE scores were less than 0.05 and a within system false discovery rate was less than 0.125.