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Table 2 The experimental results of asymmetric TSP.

From: An improved ant colony algorithm with diversified solutions based on the immune strategy

Instance Algorithm Average solution Average (s) Allowed (s)
ry48p TA 14428.7 80.2 250
  DGAA 14422.2 42.6  
ft70 TA 38673.9 84.8 300
  DGAA 38673.3 67.2  
kro124p TA 36239.1 109.5 300
  DGAA 36236.2 72.3  
ftv170 TA 2755.2 121.3 500
  DGAA 2755.0 115.5  
  1. The tables show that the quality of improved algorithm in this paper is much higher than that of TA. It also can be seen from the table that since DGAA reach the optimal solution in much less iterations, it has much higher processing speed, and stronger capability of finding optimal solutions.