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Table 1 The p-value of t-statistic under the evaluation model 1 on two real datasets.

From: The impact of sample imbalance on identifying differentially expressed genes

SR 2 3 4 5 6 7.5
F 1.4e-115 l.0e-162 9.9e-174 1.8e-188 1.6e-201 6.2e-232
welch-t 2.3e-112 3.3e-157 5.0e-177 4.4e-189 3.4e-213 3.2e-249
sam 4.8e-090 1.3e-146 3.0e-164 3.1e-186 7.9e-203 4.8e-230
wilcoxon 1.3e-112 1.4e-156 6.3e-182 9.5e-202 1.6e-230 1.2e-279
Reg-t 2.8e-108 4.9e-159 3.9e-170 1.3e-183 9.7e-199 2.8e-229
Pan 1.7e-084 2.8e-135 1.3e-154 5.9e-176 2.0e-192 9.3e-227
F 3.1e-118 5.3e-151 4.6e-171 4.7e-188 7.3e-198 1.5e-204
welch-t 9.8e-086 1.9e-122 1.8e-144 1.7e-156 6.6e-173 7.8e-185
sam 6.1e-106 3.5e-139 7.4e-166 2.0e-178 2.8e-187 3.1e-195
wilcoxon 2.6e-107 1.3e-148 1.6e-173 1.7e-189 1.2e-200 2.9e-211
Reg-t 3.4e-119 4.7e-153 8.9e-177 1.2e-188 8.6e-198 8.8e-205
Pan 5.1e-073 1.1e-111 7.0e-135 1.8e-144 5.9e-165 1.8e-177