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Table 2 The p-value of t-statistic under the evaluation model 2 on two real datasets.

From: The impact of sample imbalance on identifying differentially expressed genes

SR 2 3 4 5 7
F 7.2e-030 9.0e-068 8.8e-089 7.1e-107  
welch-t 1.8e-016 6.9e-056 5.6e-087 1.6e-110  
sam 9.2e-034 4.7e-071 1.6e-099 9.0e-121  
wilcoxon 1.6e-028 3.7e-070 5.2e-099 2.6e-123  
Reg-t 1.2e-033 1.1e-073 1.3e-094 1.0e-113  
Pan 2.1e-017 2.0e-054 5.5e-083 2.8e-112  
F 1.6e-060 8.9e-111 1.2e-137 6.5e-147 1.6e-177
welch-t 3.2e-008 4.5e-049 1.8e-085 5.9e-106 1.6e-137
sam 1.3e-050 5.5e-099 1.1e-129 9.5e-142 2.0e-170
wilcoxon 3.4e-036 3.1e-089 3.1e-121 5.0e-136 8.9e-171
Reg-t 6.3e-062 1.4e-112 6.5e-138 8.6e-148 2.1e-178
Pan 3.1e-005 1.7e-039 1.3e-069 1.2e-094 6.5e-124