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Table 4 The p-Value of t-statistic on the simulated data with σ1 = σ2 = 0.5, under the evaluation model 2 (n1 + n2 ≡ 60).

From: The impact of sample imbalance on identifying differentially expressed genes

SR 2 3 4 5 6.5
F 6.6e-2 5.3e-06 5.9e-17 4.2e-029 3.4e-055
welch-t 2.5e-4 3.7e-23 1.6e-44 7.1e-128 2.3e-254
sam 3.1e-2 4.0e-08 1.6e-19 1.0e-030 7.3e-061
wilcoxon 2.3e-l 1.1e-02 1.2e-08 1.2e-018 6.3e-022
Reg-t 4.6e-2 6.6e-07 8.7e-17 4.0e-029 1.4e-056
Pan 2.6e-2 1.1e-09 1.5e-29 1.8e-056 1.4e-112
F 9.2e-6 2.3e-47 6.6e-102 1.0e-180 1.2e-288
welch-t 2.0e-9 6.2e-77 1.4e-169 1.9e-309 0
sam 3.7e-6 1.0e-48 7.9e-103 3.7e-184 1.9e-290
wilcoxon 7.2e-7 5.2e-56 3.5e-122 2.3e-213 0
Reg-t 2.0e-8 4.7e-57 2.6e-115 3.1e-199 2.9e-310
Pan 4.2e-9 1.7e-80 4.6e-172 8.1e-315 0