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Table 1 Unique features of human PPI databases

From: An evaluation of human protein-protein interaction data in the public domain

  Number of unique human PPIs Number of proteins PPI data Unique features Download options PSI-MI compatibility Download version number
HPRD 36,617 9,427 Experimental Protein annotations are included (e.g. PTMs, substrate information, tissue expression, disease association, protein complexes, subcellular localization). Signal transduction pathways Yes Yes Release 6
BIND 6,621 3,887 Experimental Protein complexes, biological pathways, non-protein interactions, Data for >1473 organisms Yes Yes 20060525
DIP 1,067 804 Experimental PPIs for other organisms, protein complexes Yes Yes Hsapi20060402
MINT 11,367 4,975 Experimental PPIs for other organisms, non-protein interactions Yes Yes Version 18
PDZBase 101 115 Experimental PPIs involving PDZ domains. Prediction of residues that interact. No No October 2, 2006
MIPS 346 405 Experimental PPIs for other organisms Yes Yes October 2, 2006
IntAct 10,244 4,614 Experimental Protein complexes, PPIs for other organisms, non-protein interactions, provides web based applications, ProViz and Hierarch View, for visualization of interactions Yes Yes 2006-09-22
AfCS Mostly mouse interactions Mostly mouse proteins Experimental Protein annotations are included (e.g. function, subcellular localization, orthologs, tissue expression, mouse knockout phenotype information, PTMs) No No -
REACTOME 5,960 970 Experimental, automated and predicted Biological pathways for several organisms. Navigation through reactions in biological pathways and visualizing connections between them Yes No Version 18