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Table 1 Average classification accuracies using TAS statistics on Endogenous and Transfected data test sets and the subcellular markers used

From: Fast automated cell phenotype image classification

Organelle Endogenous Accuracy Transfected Accuracy Endogenous Marker Transfected Marker
Nucleus 97.4% 92.6% DAPI myc-nbp-45 (txreg I920050F21)
Cytoplasm - 95.5% - GFP-V5
Endoplasmic Reticulum 90.8% 82.5% anti-PDI ICAT-GFP
Golgi 98.2% 87.7% anti-Beta-COP GCC-GFP
Plasma Membrane 93.3% 82.4% anti-EGFR myc-Lysophosphatidic acid receptor
Endosome 93.9% 88.1% anti-SNX1 rab5a-GFP
Lysosome 96.5% 76.5% Lysotracker myc-chloride channel 7 (5330412O18)
Peroxisome 95.9% 95.7% anti-catalase ALD
Mitochondria 92.6% 76.2% Mitotracker myc-carntine/acylcarnitine translocase
Actin Cytoskeleton 97.8% 92.3% Phalloidin YFP-actin
Microtubules 92.8% 92.1% anti alpha-tubulin YFP-tubulin
  1. The accuracies (percentage of true positive predictions) are averaged over 1000 random division of each data set into 4/5ths for training and 1/5th for testing. The overall average classification accuracies on the test sets were 94.4% and 86.3% on the endogenous and transfected sets, respectively.