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Table 2 Comparison of TAS, Haralick and Zernike statistics classification accuracies by 5-fold cross validation

From: Fast automated cell phenotype image classification

Image Set TAS (uncropped) TAS Haralick Zernike TAS+Haralick
Endogenous 95.2% 94.4% 94.2% 75.8% 98.2%
Transfected 88.8% 90.3% 86.0% 68.6% 93.2%
  1. The 5-fold classification accuracies (as described in Implementation) are shown for each of type of statistic tested. The first TAS column shows accuracies obtained on un-cropped the endogenous (502 images, 10 localisations) and transfected (553 images, 11 localisations) data sets. The remaining columns refer to when individual cells were been selected from the endogenous and transfected data sets, giving 1420 and 1075 cell images, respectively. The 5-fold classification accuracies obtained on the cell selected images using each of TAS, Haralick, Zernike or TAS combined with Haralick are then shown.