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Table 1 Comparison of sensitivity detection for yeast strains using different approaches

From: Colony size measurement of the yeast gene deletion strains for functional genomics

Method Total sensitives detected Sensitives shared with MI % of MI covereda Sensitives shared with GD % of GD coveredb Sensitives shared with ST % of ST coveredc Novel/false positivesd % of novel/false positivese
Manual Inspection (MI) 15 N/A N/A 11 38% 6 32% 9 60%
Growth Detector (GD) 29 11 73% N/A N/A 12 63% 17 59%
Spot Test (ST) 19 6 40% 12 41% N/A N/A N/A N/A
  1. Cell sensitivity to cobalt (400 ug/ml) for 384 different yeast strains was analyzed using colony size reduction (MI and GD) or number of colonies formed (ST). In addition to the 15 strains detected by MI, GD identifies another 14 sensitive strains. The data gathered by GD has more overlap (63%) with the ST data as compared to those gathered by MI (32%). Assuming that the ST data represent ground truth, MI and GD have comparable % of novel/false positives which is calculated using 100 × (Novel/false positives)/(Total sensitives detected). a,b and c are calculated using 100 × (Sensitives shared with MI)/(Total sensitives detected by MI), 100 × (Sensitives shared with GD)/(Total sensitives detected by GD), and 100 × (Sensitives shared with ST)/(Total sensitives detected by ST), respectively. d and e assume that the ST data represent ground truth. N/A is not applicable.