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Table 3 Models for the use of single reaction efficiencies

From: Statistical significance of quantitative PCR

Model Grouping of individual efficiencies for average determination Reactions (700)
Amplicon (7) cDNA (4) Dilutions (5) Replicates (5)
(PavrgE)Ct* individual pooled pooled pooled 100
(SavrgE)Ct individual individual pooled pooled 25
E ct individual individual individual pooled 5
  1. *Each line indicates how single efficiency values are grouped in each of the calculation models. For instance, the (PavrgE)Ctmodel line indicates that one individual amplicon is chosen out of the 7 available ones, then efficiencies estimated from the different cDNA samples, dilutions and replicates are all pooled, leading to the determination of one efficiency value from 100 reactions. In the (SavrgE)Ctmodel, individual efficiency values are calculated for each cDNA sample and each amplicon averaging efficiency values from the 5 replicate reactions performed on the 5 dilutions (25 values overall).