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Table 1 Diabetes-related genes. Genes with multivariate expression patterns discovered by the RIT algorithm for the diabetes data.

From: Detecting multivariate differentially expressed genes

Gene Status Function Ref. (PMID)
Bcat1 D Candidate gene for the type I diabetes susceptibility locus Idd6. 14563018
Clca2 N Chloride channel. Multiple functions, colocalizes with adhesion molecule integrin β4. 15707651
Clcn1 N Chloride channel. Regulates electric excitability of the skeletal muscle membrane. 7735894
Cltb D Involved in insulin receptor internalization. 7821727
Dopey1 N Involved in Golgi/ER vesicle traffic. 1630131
Epha7 N Ephrin receptor subfamily. Ephrin receptors are associated with the pancreatic islets. 15681844
Hcap-G N Chromosome condensation protein, member of the condensin complex. 14593730
Kcng1 D Potassium channel. Potassium channels are involved in regulation of insulin secretion. 16567526
Loc51152 N Melanoma antigen.  
Psmal D Glutamate carboxypeptidase. Inhibition prevents long-term type 1-diabetic neuropathy. 11809162
Sox5P N, T Transcription factor activity (GeneOntology). Related to the sex determining region Y-gene.  
Sptlc2 N Sphingolipid biosynthesis enzyme, upregulated upon transepidermal water loss. 12445191
Ssx2 N, T Suggested role as transcriptional repressor. 12007189
Tfap2B D, T Genetic variations in this gene are associated with type 2 diabetes. 15940393
Usp9Y N Associated with male infertility and Sertoli cell-only (SCO) syndrome. 12871878
Zf N, T Specific inhibitor of the transcription factor Luman. Inhibits herpes virus replication. 16282471
  1. Status column: D, diabetes-related; N, novel; T, transcription factor.