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Table 2 Breast cancer-related genes. Genes with multivariate expression patterns discovered by the RIT algorithm for the breast cancer data.

From: Detecting multivariate differentially expressed genes

Gene Status Function Ref. (PMID)
Anln C Over-expressed in diverse common human tumors, may have potential as biomarker. 16203764
Aurka B Cell cycle-regulated kinase, possible prognostic indicator for patients with breast tumors. 12833450
Aurkb C Highly expressed in high-grade gliomas, correlated with malignancy and clinical outcomes. 15072448
Birc5 B Prevents apoptotic cell death, differentially expressed in breast cancer. 16142334
Blm C Cooperates with p53 in regulation of cell growth, associated with colorectal cancer. 11781842, 12242432
Brrn1 CC Required for the conversion of interphase chromatin into condensed chromosomes.  
Bub1 C Mutations in this gene have been associated with aneuploidy and several forms of cancer. 15931389
Ccnb1 B Detected in various human breast cancer cell lines and breast tumor tissues. 11779217
Ccnb2 CC Essential component of the cell cycle regulatory machinery.  
Cdc20 C Regulatory protein in the cell cycle, associated with gastric cancer. 15701830
Cdc25A C Known oncogene, required for progression from G1 to the S phase of the cell cycle. 14673957
Cdc45L CC Important for early steps of DNA replication in eukaryotes, loss may affect cell proliferation. 9660782
Cdca8 CC Required for stability of the bipolar mitotic spindle.  
Depdc1 N Contains domain of unknown function often present together with the RhoGAP domain.  
Depdc1B N Unknown function, has conserved RhoGAP domain (GTPase-activator protein).  
Dlg7 C Potential oncogenic target of AURKA, may play a role in human carcinogenesis. 15987997, 12527899
Exo1 C Possible cancer predisposing gene. 15328369
Fam64A N Unknown function.  
Fbxo5 CC Function in ubiquitination, inhibits the anaphase promoting complex.  
Foxm1 C Stimulates the proliferation of tumor cells. 16489016
Gpr116 N Has two immunoglobulin-like repeats, may have a role in the immune system. 12435584
H2Afz C Chromatin remodeling at the c-myc oncogene involves the local exchange of this histone. 15878876
Hist1H1B N Histone protein.  
Hist1H1E N Histone protein.  
Hist1H4B N Histone protein.  
Kif20A C Required for cytokinesis, related to AURKB. Likely to be involved in pancreatic cancer. 15263015, 15665285
Kif23 CC Interacts with CYK4, to form the centralspindlin complex. Essential for cell division. 11782313
Kif2C CC Important for anaphase chromosome segregation.  
Kifc1 CC Involved in localization of PLK1, AURKB, and CDC14A during anaphase. 15263015
Mad2L1 C Mitotic checkpoint gene, involved mainly in colorectal carcinogenesis. 12970887
Nek2 B Significantly up-regulated in breast carcinomas. 15492258
Pitrm1 N Novel member of the metalloendoprotease superfamily. 10360838
Prr11 N Unknown function. Predicted interactions with E2F, which is involved in cancer. 16437386
Pttg2 C Potent oncogene, expressed at high levels in various human tumors and tumor cell lines. 10806349
Racgap1 B Implicated in in breast cancer cell proliferation 15863513
Rad54L B Candidate oncosupressor in breast or colon carcinomas, lymphomas and meningiomas. 12614485
Spbc25 CC Essential kinetochore component, significant role in mitotic events 14699129
Stil C Involved in mitosis and in increased mitotic activity in tumor cells.  
Tk1 C Marker for non-small cell lung cancer. May be important in epithelial ovarian cancer. 15809747, 11992400
Tpx2 C May be important in both progression lung cancer, possible prognostic predictor. 16489064
Ttk CC Required for centrosome duplication and for the normal progression of mitosis. 15618221, 14657364
Ube2C C Required for destruction of mitotic cyclins. Highly expressed in human primary tumors. 12874022
Ube2S N Essential component of the ubiquitin-protein conjugation system. 15454246
  1. Status column: B, Breast cancer-specific; C, Cancer-related; CC, Cell cycle-related; N, novel.