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Table 3 Performance comparison for 70-mer RGI.

From: Genome-wide identification of specific oligonucleotides using artificial neural network and computational genomic analysis

Procedure Sensitivity factor rate (%)a Cross homologyb Execution time (hours)
IABc for HGId 0.2 99 0.53 0.09
  0.3 99 0.53 0.11
IAB for RGIe 0.2 99 0.53 0.10
  0.3 99 0.53 0.12
Pure BLAST   99 0.58 0.87
BLAST with U d f   99 0.53 0.24
  1. aThe success rate is the percentage of tentative human consensus sequences on which the procedure can find the specific oligo (where the cross homology is less than the threshold). bThe cross homology of a specific oligo is determined by the similarity between the specific oligo and its best homology in the non-target sequence. cIAB, integration of artificial neural network (ANN) and basic local alignment search tool (BLAST).dHGI, human gene index.
  2. eRGI, rat gene index. fBLAST with U d , BLAST search with the density of unique subsequences.