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Figure 3

From: Correlation-maximizing surrogate gene space for visual mining of gene expression patterns in developing barley endosperm tissue

Figure 3

Visual mapping of functional gene categories. Mapping of six major functional categories to the HiT-MDS-2 scatter plot of genes. These categories can be directly related to the five prominent temporal patterns, cluster group 1–5, of gene expression in Fig. 2. Here, the focus is put on manually picked subspaces 2a & 2b of genes related to cluster group 2, 3a & 3b of group 3, and 4a & 4b of group 4. By browsing these subspaces defined by the encircled regions, key regulators can be identified that are closer to major genes of the storage pathway, storage proteins and inhibition, and TAG/lipid metabolism related genes. A list of coexpressed genes corresponding to the regions 2a/b, 3a/b, and 4a/b is provided extra [see Additional file 3]. Corresponding gene profiles are provided in a supplemental figure [see Additional file 6].

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