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Table 10 The hinges within the computer annotated set comprise a distinct population from the rest of the set (p-value = 0.017).

From: Hinge Atlas: relating protein sequence to sites of structural flexibility

  Computer annotated set Hinge vs. non-hinge residues Hinge Atlas Hinge vs. non-hinge residues Hinge Atlas hinges vs. Computer annotated hinges
Chi-square 34.37 99.01 31.84
DOFs 19 19 19
p-value 0.017 <10-4 0.03
  1. The same is true for the Hinge Atlas set.
  2. Hinges in the Hinge Atlas are likely to be a distinct population from hinges in the computer annotated set (p-value 0.03); therefore for future studies one or the other should be used, and we recommend that it be the Hinge Atlas.