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Table 2 Summary of test set scores

From: sIR: siRNA Information Resource, a web-based tool for siRNA sequence design and analysis and an open access siRNA database

  ANN siRecords
  Least potent avg score Most potent avg score T-test p-value Correlation between efficiency and Inhibitory activity Low efficiency avg score Medium efficiency avg score High efficiency avg score Very high efficiency avg score One-way ANOVA test p-value
sIR 37.9 62.9 5.60E-115 0.422 50.7 57.9 58.3 60 1.51E-18
Amarzguioui 40.8 62.9 4.54E-91 0.34 51.2 58.1 59.1 60 1.51E-18
Ui-Tei 40.3 68.4 2.67E-101 0.39 52.6 60.9 61.8 64 1.84E-18
Rational 21.6 50.3 1.90E-108 0.4 34.7 39.5 40.2 43.8 4.03E-12
  1. This table summarizes the scores attained by ANN (Huesken et al., 2005) and siRecords (Ren et al., 2006) sequences. siRNA scores were computed to compare weighted "sIR" and un-weighted "Rational design", "Ui-tei design" and "Amarzguioui design" scoring systems. This table shows the averages, p-values as well as correlation coefficient values obtained by the siRNA sequences in all four scoring systems.