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Table 1 Comparison of PILER-CR results with the reference sets due to Jensen et al. and Godde and Bickerton

From: PILER-CR: Fast and accurate identification of CRISPR repeats

Reference set Exact Close No Match
Jensen et al. 34 19 6
Godde and Bickerton 79 19 11
  1. This table shows a comparison between repeats found by PILER-CR compared with those found by Jensen et al. and by Godde and Bickerton. See Estimating Sensitivity for definitions of the categories Exact, Close and No Match. This shows that PILER-CR finds exact or close matches with most sequences in the reference sets. Of the No Match cases, most appear to be due to differences in the genome sequences used in this study versus the previous study, most likely due to the use of different strains.