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Figure 3

From: Joint mapping of genes and conditions via multidimensional unfolding analysis

Figure 3

Unfolding configuration for colon cancer data: Two tumor types. Unfolding configuration for the colon cancer data: In the left panel, tissues are labeled for the normal tissues with 'N' and for the tumor tissues either with 'Tu' or a label indicating both the Duke stage and the percentage of contamination with normal tissue. In the right panel, a detail of the unfolding configuration is given that zooms in on the region containing genes that are more highly expressed in the tumor tissues. Different colors and symbols are used to discern the different functional gene groups: Red dots for the ribonucleoprotein genes, green squares for the ribosomal protein genes, blue triangles for the proteasome genes, orange asterisks for genes involved in protein folding, and black asterisks for protein kinase genes.

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