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Table 1 Error in the estimation of p-values using (g, k)-tables.

From: Statistical significance of cis-regulatory modules

Test k-mer size Promoter Set Error (Ave ± S.D.)
(g, k)-table 6 small 3.53e-5 ± 1.87e-4
   large 2.65e-5 ± 1.04e-4
  8 small 1.84e-5 ± 6.57e-5
   large 1.16e-5 ± 4.35e-5
ESAsearch   small 1.23e-4 ± 5.96e-4
   large 1.61e-4 ± 7.68e-4
  1. Errors in the estimation of p-values using (g, k)-tables of various sequence sets and also the ESAsearch program [11,56]. The error in the calculation of p-values using (g, k)-tables decreases as larger k-mers and larger sequences are used to build the (g, k)-tables.