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Figure 4

From: Integrated olfactory receptor and microarray gene expression databases

Figure 4

The Web interface in ORMD for data upload and export. A. Data upload. For each experiment, three separate uploads are carried out depending on the file type: 1) the description text file; 2) the dataset file showing the gene expressions; and 3) the raw data files. The description and dataset files are parsed by the system and the values are stored in the database. The raw data files are stored in the database as binary data type. B. Data export. The user first needs to choose a gene-chip type (Step 1), after which the dropdown list of the related experiments will be automatically refreshed. The user may select one or more experiments (Step 2) and choose an appropriate export file format, i.e., text or MS Excel (Step 3). C. A sample Excel file of gene expression data from three experiments: "Embryo," "Heart," and "Kidney".

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