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Figure 5

From: Integrated olfactory receptor and microarray gene expression databases

Figure 5

Relationships among the major components within ORMD and among the SenseLab olfactory databases. In ORMD, the users (PI) may create projects. The projects and experiments have a many-to-many relationship, i.e., each project may have multiple experiments and each experiment may be associated with one or more projects. Microarray gene expression data are uploaded for individual experiments and annotated with the "genes" which are probed in the particular gene-chips. The olfactory receptor "genes" in ORMD have links with the corresponding olfactory receptors archived in ORDB of the SenseLab. The receptors in ORDB are also linked to the putative odorant ligands, if there are any, in OdorDB. The odor-induced activity patterns in the brain ("odor maps") are archived in OdorMapDB.

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