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Table 4 Summary of the mouse H2-IA benchmark.

From: Prediction of MHC class II binding affinity using SMM-align, a novel stabilization matrix alignment method

Allele SMM NetMHCII ARB PredBalbc N
H-2-IAb 0.913 0.908 0.662   76
H-2-IAd 0.819 0.818 0.819 0.659 342
H-2-IAs 0.877 0.898    126
  1. The predictive performance is shown in terms of the average area under the ROC curve. The methods included in the benchmark are SMM (SMM-align), NetMHCII (the extended SMM-align method including direct encoding of peptide flanking residues and penalties for longer peptides and short amino terminal peptide flanking residues), ARB [12], and PredBalbc [22]. The performance of the SMM and NetMHCII methods was estimated using five-fold cross-validation as described in Methods.