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Table 11 Selected salvageable orphans

From: A survey of orphan enzyme activities

EC No. Ranking Pathways Activity Species Full Genome Sequence? Ongoing Genomic Sequencing? Mr (kDa) pI (pH units) Good None 5-amino-penta-namidase Pseudomonas putida P2, Pseudomonas fluorescens Yes (P. putida)* Several Pseudomonas species 67 N/A Good None Dichloro-muconate cyclo- isomerase Alcaligenes eutrophus JMP 134 (Ralstonia eutropha JMP134) N/A Yes 40 ± 10 N/A Marginal None Phaseollidin hydratase Fusarium solani f.sp. Phaseoli No Different species (Fusarium sporotrichioides) monomer 1: 47 monomer 2: 49 Poor None Sinapoylglucose–sinapoylglucose O-sinapoyltransferase Raphanus sativus N/A N/A 55 N/A
  1. A selection of orphans with different salvageability rankings are listed. Pathway names are those used in the MetaCyc database. *: The genomes of several strains of P. fluorescens are in the final stages of assembly and are essentially fully sequenced. N/A: not available