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Table 13 Main data sources used by the orphan survey

From: A survey of orphan enzyme activities

Database name Content Source Accessed via...
TrEMBL [32] Comprehensive protein and DNA sequence data Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Web
Comprehensive Microbial Repository (CMR [33]) Extensive genomic data for microbial species The Institute for Genomic Research BioWarehouse
BioCyc databases Collection of pathway/genome databases primarily concerned with microbial species Bioinformatics Research Group, SRI International BioWarehouse
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature [34] Description of enzymes that have been assigned an EC number by the Enzyme Commission Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Web and BioWarehouse
ENZYME [35] Repository of information relative to the nomenclature of enzymes Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Web and BioWarehouse
NCBI Taxonomy [36] Taxonomy database National Center for Biotechnology Information Web and BioWarehouse
PubMed Literature database National Library of Medicine Web