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Table 1 Liver miRNA expression datasets in miRAS

From: miRAS: a data processing system for miRNA expression profiling study

Provider Dataset Type Tissue Description
Rockefeller Univ.* SAGE Mouse liver tissue
Shingara, J., et al. ** Microarray Mouse liver tissue
Farh, K.K., et al.** Microarray Mouse liver tissue
Thomson, J.M., et al.*** Microarray Mouse liver tissue
Lu, J., et al.*** Bead-base array Human normal liver
Wienholds, E., et al.*** Microarray Zebrafish tissues
  1. * Datasets from the Rockefeller University RNA project [34].
  2. ** Datasets available from supplements of article, references [41] and [42], respectively.
  3. *** Datasets available from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) [43] with accession number of GSE1635, GSE2564, and GSE2628, respectively.