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Table 1 The thirty selected verbs

From: BIOSMILE: A semantic role labeling system for biomedical verbs using a maximum-entropy model with automatically generated template features

Verb Is the verb one of Top 30 frequent verbs in GENIA? Is the usage different in the newswire and biomedical domains? # of PAS's in BioProp
activate Yes Yes 145
affect No No 53
alter No No 27
associate Yes No 81
bind Yes Yes 189
block No No 56
decrease No No 41
differentiate No No 10
encode Yes Yes 75
enhance Yes No 37
express Yes Yes 186
increase Yes No 99
induce Yes No 263
inhibit Yes No 181
interact No Yes 34
mediate Yes No 103
modulate No Yes 22
mutate No Yes 5
phosphorylate No Yes 12
prevent No No 15
promote No Yes 13
reduce No No 38
regulate Yes No 116
repress No No 17
signal No No 7
stimulate Yes No 75
suppress No No 37
transactivate No Yes 21
transform No No 10
trigger No No 14