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Table 3 Framesets and examples of "modulate" and "regulate"

From: BIOSMILE: A semantic role labeling system for biomedical verbs using a maximum-entropy model with automatically generated template features

Predicate Frameset Example
modulate (VerbNet) Arg0: composer
Arg1: music
Arg2: from
Arg3: to
[Arg1 The chords]modulate, but there is little filigree, even though his fingers begin to wander over more of the keys.
regulate (VerbNet) Arg0: regulator
Arg1: thing regulated
The battle focuses on [Arg0the state's certificate-of-need law], [R-Arg0which] regulates [Arg1investment in new medical technology].
modulate (BioProp) Arg0: regulator
Arg1: thing regulated
[Arg0Cytomegalovirus] modulates [Arg1interleukin-6 gene expression].