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Table 2 Biological RNA structures.

From: Computational RNA secondary structure design: empirical complexity and improved methods

No. Description Size (bases)
1 Minimal catalytic domains of the hairpin ribozyme satellite RNA of the Tobacco ringspot virus 65
2 U3 snoRNA 5' domain from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, in vivo probing 79
3 H. marismortui 5 S rRNA 122
4 VS ribozyme from Neurospora mitochondria 167
5 R180 ribozyme 178
6* XS1 ribozyme, Bacillus subtilus P RNA based ribozyme 314
7* Homo Sapiens RiboNuclease P RNA 342
8 S20 mRNA from E. coli 372
9 Halobacterium cutirubrum RNAse P RNA 375
10 Group II intron ribozyme D135 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondria 583
  1. Biological structures obtained from the literature and used by Andronescu et al. [9]. The structures marked with an asterisk (*) were obtained from original, pseudoknotted structures by eliminating 8 base pairs in each case to remove the pseudoknot.