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Table 3 P. falciparum microarray data and their comparisons to existing transcriptomes

From: Selection of long oligonucleotides for gene expression microarrays using weighted rank-sum strategy

Transcriptome results Trophozoite Schizont
3-fold in at least two replicates 862 431
Present in the LOM-IDC transcriptome 630/73% 320/74.2%
*Same stage classification in LOM-IDC Transcriptome 595/94.5% 307/95.9%
Present in the HDSO-Affymetrix transcriptome 741/86% 353/82%
**Same stage classification in HDSO-Affymetrix transcriptome 676/91.2% 336/95.2%
  1. *genes with peak expression before and after 30 hours post invasion are classified as trophozoite and schizont specific, respectively
  2. ** genes with higher expression levels in late ring and early and late trophozoites compared to early and late schizonts are classified as trophozoite specific and vice versa