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Table 4 Amino acid groupings (11 groups) according to their physical and chemical properties

From: A machine learning approach for the identification of odorant binding proteins from sequence-derived properties

Attribute Amino acids
Hydrophobic (hb) F, I, W, L, V, M, Y, C, A
Hydrophilic (hp) R, K, N, D, E, P
Charged (Ch) R, H, K, D, E
Neutral (Neu) T, H, G, S, Q
Aliphatic (Ali) I, L, V
Aromatic (Aro) F, W, Y, H
Polar (Pol) N, Q, R, E, D
Nonpolar (Npol) F, M, I, L, V
Polar-Nonpolar (PN) C, K, H, Y, W
Small (Sm) P, V, A, G, T, S, N, D
Cysteine (cys) C