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Table 7 Environmental Conditions of Test Models

From: Estimation of the number of extreme pathways for metabolic networks

Organism #Rxn #Met External Metabolites
M. barkeri 84 121 ac, ala-L, alac-S, ch4, co2, cys-L, gly, h, h2 h2o, ile-L, leu-L, meoh, pi, pyr, val-L
H. influenzae 61 83 ac, akg, co2, for, fum, glc-D, h, hxan nh4, mal-L, pi, pyr
H. pylori 48 65 acald, akg, co2, etoh, for, fum, glc-D, h h2co3, lac-L, mal-L, o2, pi
H. pylori 168 170 ac, acald, akg, asp-L, co2, etoh, fum, glc-D, glu-L, h, h2co3, h2o, lac-L, lys-L, mal-L, nh4, o2, phe-L, pi, pyr, ser-L, succ, thr-L, trp-L, tyr-L, urea
  1. Simple network measurements and the lists of external metabolites for the networks used to test the capability of estimations developed in the section 'Single Factor Estimate'.