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Table 5 Comparison of RNAspa with RNAcast on contaminated datasets

From: RNAspa: a shortest path approach for comparative prediction of the secondary structure of ncRNA molecules

Family MCC
  RNAspa RNAcast
lin4 0.86 no data
tRNA 0.80 0.42
5S RNA 0.51 no data
U2 0.72 no data
S box riboswitch 0.77 0.82
SRP RNA 0.93 0.78
IRES 1.00 no data
Purine riboswitch 0.90 0.78
U1 0.61 no data
U12 0.83 no data
  1. Contaminated datasets were constructed by adding a single randomly picked sequence from a different family to each family tested. RNAspa was able to produce good results for all families while RNAcast was unable to find a consensus structure for six of the ten families in a contaminated dataset. See [Additional File 8] for raw data.