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Figure 2

From: Analysis on multi-domain cooperation for predicting protein-protein interactions

Figure 2

Cooperative domains in the complex crystal structure formed by proteins P02994 (with ORFs: YBR118W, YPR080W) and P32471 (with ORF: YAL003W). Protein sequences are shown using thick gray lines, and Pfam domain annotations are shown using colored rectangular boxes and drawn to scale (based on the Pfam database). The names of the protein sequences in this protein complex are listed to the upper left of the domain architecture. The identified cooperative domain pairs are listed to the upper right of the domain architecture. The domain names are labeled by the same color as in the Pfam domain annotation. The cartoon of PDB crystal structure (PDB ID: 1f60, Crystal structure of the yeast elongation factor complex) demonstrates the cooperative domain interactions (where domain colors are consistent with the domain annotation), i.e. domain PF00736 in protein P32471 interacts physically with domains of protein P02994. Other complexes in PDB containing these cooperative domains are also listed by their matched PDB IDs and chain IDs.

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