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Figure 1

From: Growing functional modules from a seed protein via integration of protein interaction and gene expression data

Figure 1

Examples of modules with various sizes resulting from our integrated method. Functional modules determined by DMSP are represented as graphs, where vertices represent proteins and edges represent interactions that have been experimentally determined. In this figure, we give some examples of modules with less than 20 members (A, B, C) and modules with more than 20 members (D, E). In each one of these modules protein complexes were identified. This module (A) contains the Arp2p/Arp3p complex (B) the Replication Factor C complex (C) the 20S Proteasome that was discovered in its entirety, (D) the SRB-Srb10p complexes and (E) the ADA-SAGA-TFIID complexes.

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