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Figure 4

From: Growing functional modules from a seed protein via integration of protein interaction and gene expression data

Figure 4

Scatter plots of statistical metrics for the derived and artificial functional modules. Each data point represents statistical value for a certain functional module (x-axis) and its artificially created corresponding module (y-axis). The red dashed line corresponds to the line y = x. When a data point is below the line then the artificial module has a lower statistical value than the derived one, while the opposite stands for the case a data point is above the line. When the data point is on the line it means that the derived and its corresponding artificial module have the same value. (A) The metric used in this plot is connectivity density, which is a measure of how densely connected is a specific module. (B) Representation of R measuring the coverage in protein complexes of a detected functional module. It is evident from both diagrams that in all cases the derived from DMSP functional modules have better statistical values than the artificial ones.

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