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Table 3 Representative alleles

From: Large-scale validation of methods for cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitope prediction

Supertype NetCTL EpiJen MAPPP MHC-pathway WAPP
A1 HLA-A*0101 HLA-A*0101 HLA-A1 HLA-A*0101 HLA-A*01
A2 HLA-A*0201 HLA-A*0201 HLA-A*0201 HLA-A*0201 HLA-A*0201
A3 HLA-A*0301 HLA-A*0301 HLA-A3 HLA-A*0301 HLA-A*03
A24 HLA-A*2402 HLA-A*24 HLA-A24 HLA-A*2402 N/A
A26 HLA-A*2601 N/A N/A* HLA-A*2601 N/A
B7 HLA-B*0702 HLA-B*07 HLA-B7 HLA-B*0702 N/A
B8 HLA-B*0801 N/A HLA-B8 HLA-B*0801 N/A
B27 HLA-B*2705 HLA-B*27 HLA-B*2705 HLA-B*2705 HLA-B*2705
B39 HLA-B*3901 N/A HLA-B*3901 N/A N/A
B44 HLA-B*4001 HLA-B*40 HLA-B40 HLA-B*4002 N/A
B58 HLA-B*5801 N/A HLA-B*5801 HLA-B*5801 N/A
B62 HLA-B*1501 N/A HLA-B62 HLA-B*1501 N/A
# epitope-protein pairs 216 188 214 215 131
  1. The table shows which alleles are used for representing the supertypes in the HIV and HIVEpiJen datasets. The first column gives the HLA supertype, the next five columns give the alleles used a supertype representatives for each of the five prediction method NetCTL-1.2, EpiJen, MAPPP, MHC-pathway, and WAPP, respectively. The lower row (N) gives the total number of epitope-protein pairs in the HIV dataset covered by each of the five prediction methods. *A MHC type termed HLA-A26 was listed, but did not produce any results.