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Table 1 Performance comparisons of different algorithms

From: Identifications of conserved 7-mers in 3'-UTRs and microRNAs in Drosophila

The organisms selected for analysis The algorithm The number of Identified reference seed matches1
Dme Dsi Dya Dan Dps Cons-SVM 632 (333)
Dmo Dvi   
Dme Dsi Dya Dan Dps MCS [23] 58(29)
Dmo Dvi   
Dme Dps FastCompare [24] 52(29)
Dme Dps PCS4 59(32)
Dme Dps MCS [23] 47(26)
  1. 1 Because Cons-SVM identifies 689 candidate seed matches, we test the performances of different algorithms when selecting the 689 highest ranking 7-mers.
  2. 2 This number is obtained by LOOCV (Leave One Out Cross Validation). The number of identified reference seed matches is 65 when classification.
  3. 3 The numbers in the parenthesis indicate how many miRNA families are identified according to the identified seed matches.
  4. 4 We only used the PCSs computed from Dme-Dps pairs and used the 689 highest-score 7-mers in the analysis.