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Table 1 Super-family SCOP-Ids

From: Improving model construction of profile HMMs for remote homology detection through structural alignment

a.1.1. a.138.1. a.25.1. a.26.1. a.3.1. a.39.1. a.4.1. b.121.4.
b.18.1. b.29.1. b.36.1. b.47.1. b.55.1. b.60.1. b.6.1. b.71.1.
b.82.1. c.1.10. c.23.1. c.26.1. c.36.1. c.52.1. c.55.1. c.55.3.
c.67.1. d.108.1. d.14.1. d.144.1. d.15.1. d.153.1. d.169.1. d.3.1.
d.58.7. d.92.1. g.3.11. g.3.6. g.3.7. g.37.1. g.39.1.  
  1. SCOP Super-families used in our experiments. We only consider super-families with at least 20 proteins and two or more families.